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Traditional Hungarian cuisine

There are few places in Budapest today that welcome you with the traditional Hungarian flavors of our childhood.

We await you with generous portions, a family atmosphere and friendly prices!

In our restaurant, every guest can find the perfect food for them. There are also vegetarian and vegan dishes on our menu, so even those who pay attention to this will not go hungry. We always prepare our meals from the freshest possible ingredients, and our menu is also regularly updated so that we can always work with the current seasonal vegetables and fruits.

In downtown Budapest, we cook in a unique way, several times a week, outdoors, in a pot, on our cozy terrace. Our guests can observe the entire cooking process from the cauldron, and even our head chef shows the ins and outs of this noble, traditional cooking technique with great pleasure.

Our guests' favorite is the irresistible, tasty, homemade curd dumplings

Private events

Corporate events,

birthdays, gatherings of friends

If you're looking for a special location, you've found it!

Contact us for more details!

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