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Dinner menu

Cold Appetizers

Hungarian Mixed Plate

HUF 4,200

Smoked Trout Fillet with fres mixed salad

HUF 4,200


Meat Soup Complete

HUF 2,500

Goulash Soup

HUF 3,200

Garlic Cream-Soup with cheese toast

HUF 2,200

Hot appetizers

Fried Cheese with Jasmine Rice and Sauce Tartare

HUF 3,200

Grilled Camembert Cheese with Jasmine Rice and Blueberries

HUF 3,200

Stuffed Pancake Hortobagy Style

HUF 2,900

Scampi with Garlic and Spicy Baguette

HUF 7,100

Main dishes

Hungarian Tenderloin-Medallions with with Steak-potatoes

HUF 9,500

Beefsteak Budapest Style with Steak-potatoes

HUF 10,500

Crispy duck leg with rosted Potatoes and Red Cabbage

HUF 5,200

Fried Chickenleg Fillet with Steak-potatoes

HUF 3,900

Chicken-Breast with Green-Spices and Steak-potatoes

HUF 3,900

Beef-Goulash with Noodles

HUF 4,200

Pork-Medallions "Hungary" Style with Steak-potatoes

HUF 4,200

Chicken-Paprikash with Noodles

HUF 3,900

Ewe cheese Noodles with Smoked spare-rib

HUF 4,200

Caesar salad

HUF 3,900

Pork fillet with Roquefort-Cheese with Steak-potatoes

HUF 4,200

Fried Spare-Rib with Garlic Steak-potatoes

HUF 3,900

Beef-stripes with Chanterelle Mushroom and Tagliatelle

HUF 9,500


Salmon-Steak with fresh mixed Salad and Steak-Potatoes

HUF 7,100

Grilled tooth filed

HUF 5,800


Gnocchi with Garlic and Spinach

HUF 3,800

Tagliatelle with Tomatoes

HUF 3,800



HUF 900

Vegan food

Sweet-chili Tofu with Jasmine rice and Salad

HUF 3,900


Gundel Pancake

HUF 1,100

Homemade pancake with apricot jam

HUF 600

Cheese-Curd Dumpling

HUF 1,800

"Somló" Sweety

HUF 1,600

We charge a 12% service fee for the total amount of the invoice.

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