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About us

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Bográcsgulyás terasz.jpg

Our restaurant is a meeting place for friendly gatherings, unforgettable family events and business lunches.

We are waiting for you and your lovely family in our cozy interior rooms and on our unique long terrace to serve the best of Hungarian gastronomy.


Our goal is none other than the maximum satisfaction of our guests!

The owner and head chef of the restaurant is Mr. Sándor Szabó, who has not only been a master chef for 30 years, but is also a true legend in the industry.
He respects the tradition of Hungarian cuisine, masterfully uses modern technology and ingredients. With traditional flavors in mind, he prepares the dishes with a modern gastronomic way of thinking.


On weekends, we welcome our dinner guests and those who want to have fun with live music and good Hungarian music, where it is not uncommon to dance!

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